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The ONLY Nationwide Lifetime Warranty in Hampton Roads on every new and most pre-owned vehicles.


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Oil Changes


State Inspections


Parts & Service Guaranteed


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When First Team Forever Makes A Difference


Amazing!! Genuine and true to their word. My fiance purchased a van from them last week. We enjoy it with our little ones everyday. They are willing to work with you & get you driving. Aric Gaston & Brandon are truly amazing!! Family guys that understand individual needs. Has a great atmosphere & energy when you walk-in. Needs to be called First Dream Kia. They do make dreams come true. Thank you guys!!
- Fyielle H.
Just bought a new car here and was extremely happy with the experience. They took time to explain the car from engine and tires to audio and technology, even how to best care for paint, leather and while through the years. Yes. Check out took 2 hours but since then I realize how much I knew about my car when I left. Marcie in customer service is the best!
- Angie B.

Everything You Need... Forever

Not all new and pre-owned/used vehicles are created equal. First Team Auto is the only dealer in Hampton Roads to offer First Team Forever on all new and most pre-owned/used vehicles. When you purchase a new or pre-owned/used vehicle with First Team Forever, you receive a Nationwide Powertrain Warranty, oil changes, state inspections, parts and service guarantee, and towing FOREVER! So exactly what do you get? See the details below or contact us for more information.


Nationwide Powertrain Warranty

Requirements to maintain the warranty:

  • Follow Manufacturer recommended maintenance
  • Retain copies of all Manufacturer recommended maintenance
  • Maintenance must be performed by a Certified Repair Facility
  • Eligible pre-owned/used vehicles that qualify for the Nationwide Powertrain Warranty are current Model Year plus four years or newer and 50,000 miles or less.
  • $100 deductible on all covered repairs

It follows you everywhere you go in life!

  • Are you thinking about taking a new job out of town?
    Don't worry, it moves when you move!
  • Are you in the military and looking at being transferred to a new base?
    Don't worry, it gets transferred when you get transferred! *Continental US only
  • Looking to buy your high school graduate a new or pre-owned/used vehicle?
    Don't worry, it goes to college when they go to college!


Oil Changes

Requirements to remain eligible for oil changes forever:

  • Oil changes forever are only valid at First Team stores
  • Perform ALL manufacturer recommended services at the selling First Team Auto dealership
  • Display FTA license plate frame or FTA decal on the rear of your vehicle



State Inspections

Never pay for another State Inspection at your First Team Auto dealership!

Requirements to maintain eligibility:

  • First Team must perform your annual State Inspection
  • No reimbursement for other facilities to perform the State Inspection


Parts & Service Guaranteed

Only pay once when you choose a factory OEM part replacement with First Team. We cover the initial repair forever!

Requirements to maintain eligibility:

  • Initial repair must be performed by the selling First Team Auto dealership using the OEM suggested part
  • If the initial repair fails, First Team will cover the replacement part and labor at no charge




If your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, we pay for your vehicle to be towed to the selling First Team Auto dealership or the nearest First Team Collision Center.

Requirements to qualify:


  • Vehicle must be within 50 miles of the First Team Auto dealership or Collision Center

All qualifying vehicles are identified on the website. If you have any questions about which vehicles qualify, please contact the dealership for details.

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